residential and office complex of business class


“Here you can enjoy a comfortable life in apartments of your dream, focus on your work in modern spacious offices, make weighted wise decisions, and relax – this all will be facilitated by the new modern architecture and well-thought-out infrastructure”

HELGA (from Old Norse) means dedicated, holy. This residential development is truly dedicated to you and designed for you. Located at 120 KniahyniOlhy, it is a long-awaited creation on the real estate market not only of this district, but also of Lviv, because it stands out favorably from everything built in the city. Success and status for those who do not settle for anything, but strive for the best, are already encoded in the name of the residential development and the street

The HELGA residential development includes residential buildings, a variety of commerce located in the premises of the ground floor and an underground parking lot. The highlight of the project is the business center, which dominates the surrounding buildings and creates a real business heart of the district. Each meter of the development is carefully thought out: cozy inner courtyard, bicycle parking, parking for baby carriages and strollers. Equipped places for charging electric cars, electric scooters, children’s and sports grounds, recreation areas. A special feature is the square, where you can relax, play active games, and admire the beauty.


Ukrainian architects in cooperation with Swedish specialists carefully and thoughtfully designed the HELGA residential development. After all, they already have authority and their own housing philosophy on the Lviv real estate market.

The Viking developer has been operating in the real estate market since 2019. HELGA is the company’s second large-scale property. The first is the Viking Park residential development at 151 Zelena Street and the projects will not end there. 

Viking park
Viking park
ЖК Viking Park Zelena street
Viking Hills
Viking Hills
ЖК Viking Hills Shchurata street
8 building
28 apartments
38.52 - 87.81 m²
9 building
56 apartments
34.32 - 72.03 m²
10 building
40 apartments
36.28 - 65.39 m²
5 building
15 apartments
46.08 - 96.09 m²
6 building
25 apartments
39.26 - 93.08 m²
Львівська міська рада
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Державна інспекція архітектури та містобудування України
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Державна інспекція архітектури та містобудування України
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