The international BREEAM system

The business center of the Helga development is certified according to the international BREEAM system.

BREEAM is the world’s leading set of validation and certification systems for a sustainable architectural environment, developed in the UK by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). Certification according to this standard is carried out in 83 countries of the world. Several national standards have been created, including those of Great Britain, the United States, and Germany, and an international standard is also in force.

BREEAM is the most widely used in the European Union, in particular, this certification of “green” construction is preferred in Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. For example, among the participants in various categories of the recent final short-list of the BREEAM Awards are the buildings Centro ComercialIslazu in Spain, M1 Lódzź in Poland, So Ouest in France, School of Engineering (Birmingham University) in Great Britain, Skinnarilan campus RV1+RV5 in Finland.

Currently, only a few projects have passed such certification in Ukraine.